Log Home Materials

Here you’ll find valuable information about the wide array of building materials there are to choose from.

Heating and Cooling for Your Log Home

When it comes to heating and cooling your log home, the best strategy may be to divide and conquer.
By Donna Peak

Have you heard of a ductless mini-split heating/cooling system? Don’t despair – many people in […]

Proving the Energy Benefits of Log Homes

Testing has shown that though the R-value of a log is technically low, log homes are energy efficient. Read on to learn about the energy benefits of log homes.
By Rob Pickett

The log home industry has […]

Value Propositions: Stone Masonry

When you’re building a new home, there are so many items to select, you will literally make hundreds of decisions as you go through the process. Having a firm idea of your budget (about things […]

How to Manage Wood Shrinkage in Log Homes

Learn more about wood shrinkage and how to handle the resulting settlement instead of trying to avoid it altogether.

Wood shrinkage and the resulting settlement and movement are not problems but characteristics of working with a […]

Log Home Fix-Its: DIY or Hire A Pro?

All homes suffer damage of one kind or another–but when it happens, do you DIY or hire a pro? Some repairs you can do yourself. Others will need an expert.

Accidental Damage
You may accidentally mar the […]

Non-Log Materials Needed to Build Your Log Home

When building a log home, you must know how to account for the non-log materials necessary to complete your home's overall look.

Why Every Log-Home Company Doesn’t Sell Cedar Logs

If cedar logs have such good natural preservatives, why doesn’t every log-home company sell them?


Are cedar logs truly the best choice for your log home? Buyers often wonder whether there’s a best wood for logs. […]

Video: Choosing Corners For Your Log Home

This video will discuss the different types of corner systems and construction methods available for your log home project.

Video: The Difference Between Log & Timber Homes

Log and timber homes are defined by the way they are built and the material they’re made from.

The Elements of a Neglected Log Home Restoration

Learn about the four basic elements of log home restoration to transform your bad-looking log structure. Take your log home from grunge to glory in 4 steps.
By Jim Renfroe

I have seen some pretty bad-looking log […]