Industry News March/April 2004

Peebles earns accolades at Sashco
Paul Peebles, a veteran of the log home industry and frequent speaker at educational events and seminars, earned salesmen of the year at Sashco (Brighton, CO). A nine year veteran at Sashco, Peebles has earned a reputation for his professional integrity, impeccable sense of humor and readiness to exceed customers’ expectations, says Sarah L. Shaffer with Sashco.

“Paul’s professional achievements have helped Sashco to significantly increase product sales in the Southeast territory of the United States. In his nine years with Sashco, Paul has had impressive double-digit sales increases ranging from 10% to 35% every year,” Shaffer continues.

“Paul is known for his significant contribution toward Sashco’s sales. However, when most people hear the name Paul Peebles, their first thought is ‘he’s a friend.’ Paul has a special way of turning customers and colleagues into some of his closest friends. Paul’s delightful spirit toward customers and his work is contagious, and anyone who knows him can’t help but love and respect him.”

Shaffer says Peebles represents Sashco in a way that enhances the log home industry as a whole. Peebles has been a guest speaker at the International Business Show and is actively involved with the Log Homes Council. He enjoys reading and spending time as an avid outdoorsman.

Since its founding in 1936, Sashco has led the way in innovation and product performance by developing high-quality sealants and finishing products for both the conventional home construction and log home industries. For details, visit

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