Long Term Green Planning
Green Building Tips
by: Kenya McCullum

In addition to practices you can put in place today, the idea of building green also takes into account creating structures that won’t have to be renovated or torn down within 25 years, as is the case with most buildings in North America. Increase the longevity of your home by protecting it. One of the best and easiest methods is by shielding exterior logs from the elements that can cause rot and unnecessary decay. Strategies such as extended roof overhangs (at least 24 inches, but preferably 36, for two-story homes) and adjusting for log settling can ensure that your green home lasts for many years.

Orient home around the sun Reduce ecological footprint Sustainable building materials
Reduce construction waste Landscape with thought Conserve water
Seal your home Indoor climate control Indoor air quality
Energy-star approved   Long term planning

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