How does location affect a log home?

Their rural (occasionally remote) settings are just what some people are looking for when they build one. The log-home lifestyle usually requires trading convenience for pleasant surroundings. Log homes are often built away from municipal water and sewer hookup. You also give up access to shopping, medical, schools and other services. The people who enjoy their log homes believe that such an exchange provides more benefits than disadvantages.

Can a log home be built anywhere and in any climate, or are there some regions where a log home is impractical or too expensive to build?

You can build a log home in any region or environment. The obstacles are the obvious expense of building in an area where logs are not a natural resource and have to be shipped a long way. Advances in environmentally friendly wood protectors and fungicides make it possible to build a log home anywhere in the world. You should use finishing and maintenance products recommended for your climate and follow the builder’s maintenance schedule.