Log Home News: Special Announcement 09/05/2007
Log Cabin from Spirit Cabins Featured in a new Toyota Tundra TV Commercial

Boulder, Colorado: When Toyota needed a cabin strong enough to be transported by their new Tundra truck for a television commercial, they looked to Spirit Cabins. Their new television spot features the three-quarter ton Toyota Tundra pulling a portable Spirit Cabins log cabin to a lake. “You can haul your boat to your cabin, like everyone else—or you can haul your cabin to your boat, like no one else,” the announcer says, playing on the portability of the modular shelter.

Spirit Cabins Program Director Mark Wilson says, “Toyota paired the Tundra with the Spirit Cabins modular cabin to make a statement about rugged durability. They required a cabin that could hold up to the rigors of transportation and arrive in great shape. Since our cabins are constructed specifically to be delivered to construction and home sites, we were a perfect fit. Our ability to deliver the cabin in a short time clinched the deal.”

The 30-second spot was filmed at Tejon Ranch in Southern California, by Aero Film. It will be aired in the Southeastern U.S. and potentially nationwide. The television spot features the Spirit Cabins Homesteader Model, one of their smaller shell cabins created for the do-it-yourself market. Spirit Cabins offers an exclusive collection of custom log homes and cabins, from small pre-fabricated log cabins that are ideal for remote or heavily wooded areas, to luxury log homes complete with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet kitchens and more.

Spirit Cabins, through its sister company, Project Living, Inc. also offers mobile field housing and modular man-camp solutions for remote housing at job sites and for disaster-relief efforts.

For more information on the complete Spirit Cabins collection or to speak with a design specialist, call (800) 716-8512. Spirit Cabins and Project Living are divisions of luxury lifestyle company Spirit Elements, located in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1998, Spirit Elements has been dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities find meaning in life through products that connect, inspire and fulfill. .