Articles by Leah Kerkman:
Leah Kerkman imageLeah’s Ideas | Do-It-Yourself Decor

Easy-to-re-create home decor projects that even a craft novice like me can handle. The best part? All of the supplies cost less than $20.
Get some Southwestern style by finding out what navajo weaving style is right for youHow-To: Find Out What Navajo Weaving is Right For You

Do you long for a Navajo weaving to lend some Southwestern style to your log home? Take this quick quiz for some advice on the type that would be perfect your needs.
Creating small log homes with these design tips from professionalsHow-to: Create the Perfect Small Log Home

Have you ever wished you had an all-access pass to an expert designer’s best-kept secrets on how to design and decorate a small log home? Well, we’ve got your ticket. Here, the pros dish on the top ways to create a cozy—not cramped—cabin.
How to take a floor plan from stock to customReal-Life Couples and their Stock-to-Custom Floorplans
You know what’s wonderful about log home designs? You can use a standard floorplan from a log home company’s plansbook and alter the layout to your heart’s content. The end result is a personalized home that fits your lifestyle. And, you also end up with the log home of your dreams.