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Use these log home design tips to cut costs without sacrificing value.
by: Charles Bevier

1. Stock Up
Instead of a custom design, opt for a stock plan from your log producer’s catalog. Stock designs have been built many times before, so construction errors have been eliminated.

2. Shape of Things
Whether stock or custom, a rectangular design is the most economical shape to build. Add more than four corners and you’ll add more costs. For example, it takes 18 feet of logs to create a single butt-and-pass corner with an 8-foot wall height.

3. Open House
Keep square footage down with an open floorplan that eliminates unnecessary hallways. Also look for innovative ways to use traditionally wasted space.

4. Going Up
To expand your living space, build upward not outward. Adding a dormer within the roof or attic will give you a loft, which is far less expensive than a complete second story.

5. Trim Your Waistline

Keep your home’s width under 32 feet, advises Lynn Gastineau, owner of Gastineau Log Homes in New Bloomfield, Missouri. "Once you go wider than 32 feet, you usually need longer rafters," she says.

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