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Our experts pass along the 21 secrets of creating the perfect home. From gorgeous walkways to great design, it’s all here.
by: Log Home Design editorial staff

The Lap of Luxury
If there’s one thing that’s sure to create a show-stopping log home, it’s a collection of high-end amenities. Pampering your guests—and yourself—is always a good idea.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

13. The Heat Is On
Warm up chilly nights with a hot tub or steam sauna. Whether you install a hot tub in a spare room or outside on the deck, you’re sure to appreciate its invigorating massage therapy and blanketing warmth. A steam sauna is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Also consider a steam shower—your stress will melt away.

14. Toasty Towels
Speaking of heat, what could be better than a warm, toasty towel to dry off with on a chilly morning? Today’s popular towel warmers heat your bath wraps while you’re in the shower, creating an oasis of comfort when you step out. An added bonus: The towel warmer will help turn up the room’s temperature.

15. Bottle Room
Custom wine cellars are becoming increasingly popular in log homes. From elaborate full-room designs to space-saving spiral designs, wine-storage areas are a hot trend. If you don’t have the space for a full wine cellar, consider one of the many affordable wine refrigerators or coolers on the market today.

16. Pull Up a Stool
Looking for a unique bar idea? Consider an outdoor teak bar for your back deck. While some units can be pricey, the stately lines and refined texture of teak will leave your guests clamoring to come back for a refill. (Teak also is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh elements.)

Also, entertaining is much easier with a portable icemaker at your fingertips. Whether serving guests in the rec room or backyard, you’ll love being able to crank out frozen cubes in minutes. It’s a small luxury you’ll use again and again.

17. Star Search
Go ahead—splurge on a high-tech telescope. Since many log homes are situated in remote settings, they’re the perfect place for stargazing. Today’s top models incorporate computer-aided technology that allows viewers to locate stars, planets and moons with the click of a button. Discovering new worlds has never been easier.

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