Living the High Life Outdoors
A log home can still provide a break from the luxuries of the modern world, a place where you can leave it all behind in exchange for a rustic wooden rocker, a quiet porch and a glorious view of the forest. But more and more, people are creating truly lavish outdoor living spaces by adding indulgences like these.

Pools and Spas

Part of what’s making pools so appealing is the variety of shapes and sizes available. Many home owners are opting for smaller, less shallow pools without a diving board, and they even add amenities such as waterfalls, fountains and vanishing edges.

Going hand-in-hand with the trend toward more pools is increased sales of spas, a luxury befitting any log home.

Multi-Level Decks and Porches

Decks and porches add living space, and it’s now common for home owners to request multi-level decks with interesting curves and steps, planters, benches and other structural elements.

Matching the complexity of modern deck design is the variety of building materials available: traditional wood, cedar, wood-plastic composite decking, vinyl, rot-resistant Brazilian hardwood and just about any other exotic wood you can imagine.

Fire Pit


Grills aren’t just getting more luxurious, they’re are also getting bigger. Today, a grill with six burners and 900 square inches of cooking space is not uncommon. You’ll also find everything from stainless steel bodies, side burners and water pans to rotisseries, smokers and built-in lights.

Outdoor Kitchens

Imagine this: a fully loaded entertainment zone with a full-size bar, wine rack, canopy, sink, refrigerator, table, chairs, plenty of shelf space and a top-quality gas grill.


Like our other indulgences, you’ll find numerous options when considering outdoor furniture. Hardwood, wrought-iron and durable teakwood patio furniture all look great. For an earthier approach , hemp, rattan and seagrass are all natural choices.

Outdoor Lighting

When night falls, you can put just the right glow on your environment with elegant, wall-mounted electric fixtures. And in the cold months of winter, an outdoor heater provides warmth and elegance.

Wyatt Myers is a professional craft editor and freelance writer. He gained his log home experience working with his general contractor father, Dana, who has built log homes across Iowa.