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 10% off Handcrafted Antler Home Accessories! 

Terry Wilson Antler Designs has been based in Texas since 1998, specializing in antler lighting, furniture and home accessories.

Terry Wilson specializes in handcrafting only the highest quality antler lighting, furniture and home accessories using only naturally shed whitetail, muledeer, fallow, elk and moose antlers. Only the highest quality brown antlers are used on all products.

Since antlers come in all shapes and sizes, each design is a unique piece and dimensions are all approximate. Designs are balanced to perfection. All lights are straight up, all wiring is concealed internally, no exposed screws, no gaps and very little putty is used. When holes are created the surface is restored and blended to be virtually invisible. Antler parts are used whenever possible for details and lighting cups. All components are U.L. listed.

The designs featured on the website are only an example of items available. Custom orders are welcome.

Visit or contact Terry or Melinda Wilson at 903•498•4429.