Guidelines for sending images:

Image Specifications:

  • 72 dpi
  • RGB jpgs or gifs or psd files
  • Please send fonts if the psd file is layered  

    If you are a PC user you will be using your browser (preferably IE) to transfer your file(s). If you are a Mac user you will be using Fetch to upload your file(s). If you don’t have a copy of Fetch 3.0.3 you can download a version at:

To be able to transfer files electronically we have set up two procedures to accomplish this task. One for PC users and one for Mac users. Whether or not you are a PC or Mac user you should always Zip or Stuff all appropriate files so they don’t become corrupted in the mail stream. For example from Quark: Collect for output into a folder. Checkusage for fonts and place a duplicate set of fonts you are using in the ad within the folder where you have collected the Quark file and artwork. Using StuffIt create a single archived file.

PC user once you have logged in you are now ready to drag and drop your file directly into the browser window.

Once you have done this you should see a typical file copying menu appear.

PC users please access the following URL for drag and drop file transfer:

User Name: hbp
Password: v8jep4

Instructions: Click on to-hbp link, then click on LHLI-LINK$ link and place file(s) in this directory.

 Mac user once you have logged onto the site through Fetch. Click on the “Putâ€? button to be able to search your computer and find the the file you wish to transfer. Once you select it and click “Okayâ€? you will be given the option of how you want to send the file. Choose binhex. There is a progress area in the shape of a circle shape that shows the files transfer progress.

Once the circle is completely filled the file is finished transferring.

 Mac users please use Fetch. Create a new bookmark with the following information:

Type: unknown
User Id: hbp
Password: v8jep4
Directory: to-hbp/LHLI-LINK$


Once your file has uploaded please e-mail Maha El Nasser at with the file name(s) and let her know that the file is now on our server.