Based in Seattle, the Lighting Design Lab is a hands-on workshop that’s been training lighting designers since 1989. Mine their considerable base of knowledge (click on the “Articles” tab on the home page) to find out everything from how to brighten hallways to the basics on dimmers.

Geared toward both consumers and professionals, will walk you through the basics of creating a lighting plan (click on “Design Techniques”), and even provides downloadable lighting plans for each room of the house.

The consumer side of the American Lighting Association’s web site is packed with info, including a guide for positioning track lighting, a tutorial on choosing energy-efficient fixtures and tips for landscape lighting. You also can search for Certified Lighting Consultants and Lighting Specialists near you.

The granddaddy of lighting companies, GE, provides room-by-room tips for lighting design (plus gorgeous photos to ogle) on its consumer site. There’s also a tool that tells you what GE bulb will meet your needs based on what factor (quality, fixture or bulb shape) is most important to you.