Kitchen Space Savers

Use these innovative products to make the most of your kitchen’s storage

By Steve Greenberg

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1 – Sink-Dishwasher Combo
No room for a dishwasher? How about washing your dirty dishes in the sink? That may not sound like a novel idea, but now it is. The Briva dishwasher is the first in-sink dishwasher. It can clean about five-place settings up to three times faster than standard full-sized dishwashers. The unit comes with a cutting board, which fits over the stainless steel lid to create an instant workspace. There are several washing options including a two-minute rinse-only cycle. With the optional water heater you can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize items in just three minutes. This water heater also enables the in-sink dishwasher to clean lightly soiled items in 18 minutes and to complete full loads in 30 minutes. And, when not being used as a dishwasher, the unit easily converts into a fully functional sink. The Briva costs about $2,500. For more information check out or call 800-422-1230.
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2 – Magnetic Holders
Want to make your paper towels, tissues, aluminum foil, spatulas, corkscrew, dishtowels and much more disappear from your countertop? Try these magic magnets. These super-powered magnetic holders turn that lazy do-nothing side of your refrigerator into highly functional storage space. The Silvo Home catalog has a series of magnetic holders designed to hold all sorts of kitchen tools. Abracadabra, clean up my kitchen! The holders cost about $20. For more information go to or call 800-331-1261.
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3 – Cabinet Storage
Somewhere between stock and custom cabinets, you’ll find Diamond Logix Cabinetry. What sets these factory cabinets apart from most other stock cabinets is all of the clever space-efficient features built into their designs. For example, the mini drawer within a drawer perfectly stores lids. Diamond Logix also makes special pantry drawers and roll out trays to maximize the space in the back of a cabinet. For more information go to or call 812-482-2527.
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4 – Under-Sink Organizer
Look under your sink and you’ll probably see a mess of cleaning products stacked on top of each other. Wouldn’t it be great to have some shelves under your sink to bring order to this chaos? But building shelves around all of those pipes, wires and that garbage disposal unit can be a challenge. Here’s the solution: The Under-Sink Organizer is a shelf system that can be customized to fit around your pipes. Just pull apart the shelve pieces, wrap them around your pipes and snap them back together again. Voila, you’ve turned wasted space into functional storage. For more information check out or call 800-642-2112.
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5 – Built-In Coffee System
Here’s a coffee lover’s dream come true—the world’s first built-in coffee system. And since it’s built-in, it doesn’t use any of your valuable countertop space. With just the push of a button this coffeemaker dispenses and grinds the beans, then heats the water for your cup of fresh brew. There’s a steam wand to conveniently froth milk for authentic cappuccinos and lattes. Its sleek design integrates into the cabinetry of most any kitchen and requires no special plumbing. An added bonus: The parts remove for easy cleaning. This could put your corner coffee bar out of business. Miele’s built-in coffee system costs about $1,800. For more information go to or call 800-421-4685.
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6 – Refrigerated Range
If Einstein is right and there is a relationship between time and space, then this appliance is certainly a time-and-space-saver. The Polara is the world’s first range with built-in refrigeration. What does that mean to you? Well, with this range you can put lasagna in the oven before you head off to work. The lasagna will stay safely cool all day and later, at a programmed time, the cooler will turn off and the oven will switch on to cook your dinner. This unique range does not require any customized hook-up or installation. Now if they could only teach this thing to make the lasagna. The Polara costs about $1,800. For more information go to or call 800-253-1301.
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7 – Under-Cabinet Flip Down TV
So you want to cook along with Martha or Emeril, but you don’t have enough precious counterspace for a television? The solution is a flip down TV you can mount under your cabinets. The Audiovox VE1040 has a 10.4-inch LCD screen with a built-in AM-FM stereo clock radio, hands-free phone and an MP3-DVD player. It even has a remote control, which will magnetically stick to your refrigerator. Who needs a home theater when you’ve got this media machine mounted under your kitchen cabinets? The cost of the Audiovox VE1040 is about $950. For more information go to or call 800-645-7750.
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8 – Folding Table and Chairs
Whether you are hosting a dinner party or friends show up unexpectedly, sometimes you need extra seating. This compact folding table and four chairs is the perfect solution. When folded up it looks like a sideboard or server. Unfold the table and pull out the chairs and you have comfortable seating for four. Or, you can open one leaf of the table and have seating for two. When finished, fold up the chairs and table in seconds. Now only if you could get your company to leave that quickly. The set costs about $300. For more information go to or call 800-803-9400.
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9 – Plate Rack
When you don’t have a lot of cabinet space, you stack smaller plates on top of the larger ones. It’s a logical solution, but when you need to get to a larger plate, it can be a problem. One way to avoid scratching or chipping those stacked plates is with a corner plate rack. For just a few dollars you can create an instant shelf so each plate size can have its own space. The cost of a corner plate rack is about $8. For more information visit or call 800-221-6771.
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10 – Trash Sorter
We all know that recycling is environmentally important to reduce the trash in our landfills. But sometimes it seems like all of this recycling is just turning your own kitchen into a dump. To help bring some order to your kitchen, Topdeq has created the Tumiera trash sorter. It comes as either a two- or four-bin sorter. Each unit can be mounted to the wall or set on the floor, and both come in hi-tech silver-aluminum powder-coated steel. The Tumiera costs under $130. For more information go to or call 866-876-3300.


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