Advertising & PR July/August 2003

Dealer Cooks Up Book To Battle Cancer
When a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer, one often wants to do something to help. When Crystal Horne, a dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes in Elysburg, PA, learned her father had cancer, she cooked up an inspiring idea. Why not create a cookbook with recipes from clients and fellow builders with the proceeds going to charity? That’s how “Cookin’ For a Cureâ€? was created.

“One of the things I’ve learned through this experience is that everyone—no matter where they are in life–is touched by cancer in some way. They may have a friend or a family member who is currently battling it or has battled it in the past,â€? says Crystal Horne, who’s 65-year-old father developed non-hodgkins lymphoma. “I got the idea for the cookbook from a friend of mine who died of cancer at age 29. Her family created a cookbook of her favorite recipes for her twins, which she had just a couple of years before she died.â€?

Horne took her idea for the cookbook to her manufacturer Honest Abe Log Homes (Moss, TN), where it was well received. Soon recipes began to pour in from clients and staffers in the home office, as well from builders, dealers and suppliers. Within 60 days of first proposing the idea, Horne and the staff at Honest Abe had collected more than 400 recipes.

Based on the great response they had received from clients and suppliers, they contacted country music station WSM in nearby Nashville, TN. Georgia Blagovich at WSM asked various stars of country music to contribute their favorite recipes. Some of the country stars that sent in their recipes include Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Randy Travis, Charlie Daniels, Alan Jackon, Lorretta Lynn, Wynonna, Sammy Kershaw, Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, Dolly Parton, Louise Mandrell, and George Jones.

An anonymous donor contributed money for the first printing of the cookbook. With momentum building for the project, they chose to have all proceeds go to the National Cancer Awareness Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to generate cancer awareness and raise funds to help cancer patients and their families in times of crisis. The foundation has worked with the building systems industry before. It’s flagship project was Jan’s House of Hope, which took place in 2001. A 3,100 sq.ft. fully furnished dream house set atop a barge toured the East Coast and raised money for cancer awareness programs and hospices.

You can help make a difference to cancer patients and their families by purchasing a copy of this cookbook. Since the printing was already covered, all proceeds will help cancer victims directly. “Cookin’ For A Cureâ€? is being published by Walters Cookbooks in Waseca, MN and they are being being sold through Honest Abe Log Homes. To get your copy, send $10 plus $2 for shipping to: NCAF c/o Hones Abel Log Homes, 3855 Clay County Highway, Moss, TN 38575 or call 800-231-3695.

And in case you are curious, Crystal Horne’s father responded well to treatment and has been cancer free for two years now.

Construction Writers Honor Jan’s House
Long after it has left the high seas, Jan’s House of Hope continues to earn recognition. Jan’s House recently received an Honorable Mention from the Construction Writers Association in the public relations category. The award was present to Jerry Rouleau of J. Rouleau & Associates at the association’s annual Marcom awards or marketing and communications awards. Rouleau was the founder and originator of the Jan’s House of Hope project, which raised money for eight host organizations—from hospitals to hospices—plus received more than $15 million worth of national coverage in TV, radio, newspapers and trade publications. The story on the barge with the modular house atop it was reported in more than 320 publications in 32 states, including USA Today, People Magazine, The Today Show and Home magazine.

Jan’s House also won a gold award from the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of New Hampshire for the most creative public relations campaign. Tour highlights can be see on the web site: The construction, furnishing, and exhibition of Jan’s House was funded completely through corporate and individual donations.

The house was named in honor of a brave woman who succumbed to cancer in 1999 at age 50. But it was also dedicated to more than 7,000 individuals (names that were submitted to the web site) who had fought cancer—some successfully, some not.

Baltimore Sun Features Modular Homes
In a report May 11th, the Baltimore Sun Newspaper did a feature article on modular homes. In a headlined article “Modular Home Owners Put Pieces Together,â€? the report chronicles the growing popularity of this building system.

“Though modular homes accounted for only 35,000 of the 1.6 million-plus dwellings built in this country during 2002, they are becoming increasingly popular among buyers,â€? according to the article by reporter Patricia V. Rivera. “Modular homes are built in a factory and assembled on site in sections, but technological innovation has paved the way for customization. Moreover, modular housing closely resembles traditional stick-built homes but costs as much as 6% less; are not exposed to the elements during construction; and can be assembled in as little as one week. In another advancement, buyers can now secure financing before the home is placed on the foundation; and the builders are paid as soon as it is cemented.â€?

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