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INSECO, Incorporated emerged from the vision of a regional paint manufacturer established in 1968. In 1990, the corporate philosophy changed due to market conditions and the successful introduction of several specialty coatings, such as WOODRx. INSECO provides products to a wide variety of industries and our distribution network extends across the continental United States and Hawaii. In addition, we have exported products to markets in Africa, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy and Malaysia.

Our approach at INSECO is to educate the consumer regarding the benefits of our product. Our goal is to reach the end user by stimulating his or her interest in the product, thus, convincing the consumer to purchase and try the product. This is fairly simple since the majority of wood sealers available do not work effectively. Once the consumer tries the product, he is sold more often than not. This is due to the actual performance benefits received from the product. Our extensive research and testing have yet to uncover a competitive product that will outperform WOODRx.

The coatings industry thrives from technological advances. This is clearly evident with the move from alkyds to acrylics. Acrylics offer significantly better exterior performance.

The wood sealer market is plagued with dozens of products claiming superiority when, in fact, most of the traditional sealers offer similarly poor performance characteristics. WOODRx was developed as an alternative to the traditional wood sealers available. INSECO used acrylic technology to produce a product that employs the acrylic advantages of durability, flexibility and adhesion. This resulted in a product, which outperformed every wood sealer tested.

WOODRx is a technologically advanced, environmentally friendly wood sealer. It is one of the first products of its kind and a leader in the industry. Independent tests confirm its performance characteristics that lead us to conclude that we offer one of the best wood sealers available. We are confident that offering the best product is an asset to any business.

Product Descriptions
WOODRx 100% Acrylic Penetrating Stain/Sealer which provides superior durability, flexibility and adhesion. It allows wood surfaces to breathe and protects against water and moisture penetration. WOODRx is an environmentally friendly, revolutionary wood sealer which provides maximum protection against mildew and algae growth and contains powerful UV screeners which filter out the sun’s harmful rays. Actual applications indicate a life span of three to five years on horizontal substrates and five to seven years on vertical substrates.

WOOD Rx Clear Wood Protector is a clear, non-yellowing, water based wood sealer designed to penetrate, seal and protect exterior wood surfaces. Clear Wood Protector resists moisture penetration and retards the aging process of new wood. It contains an effective fungicide which resists mildew growth on the film and UV inhibitors which filter out the sun’s harmful rays. Clear Wood Protector can be applied as a clear finish coat over WOOD Rx Stain/Sealer.

WOOD Rx Wood Surface Prep (WSP) is a heavy duty cleanser designed to remove dirt, grease, grime and other surface contaminants from wood surfaces. WSP is specifically designed to clean and prepare new pressure treated lumber prior to applying WOOD Rx water base sealer. WSP helps to breakdown and remove the mill glaze typically found on new wood. In addition, WSP helps the WOOD Rx sealer penetrate into the substrate.

Multi-Surface Conditioner (MSC) is a clear, resin rich, 100% acrylic surface conditioner designed to penetrate and rejuvenate dry and/or weathered substrates. Also, MSC greatly enhances the adhesion of latex base paints and stains to substrates that are new or old, dry and/or weathered, exhibit chalking, flaking and peeling, and to exotic woods, hardwoods, naturally oily woods and wood surfaces exposed to freeze/thaw cycles.