Is it better to design a home first or buy the land first?

Buy the land, then design the home to fit the terrain, view, access and lifestyle associated with the property.


What should I look for in a building site?
Look for the same things you’d look for in choosing a site for a conventional house. An ideal site has good natural drainage and good soil depth. The more southern exposure, the better it is for solar design. Your home does not have to be built square or at a 90 degree angle to the road or street. Plan to take advantage of natural sunlight.


How can I be sure that my log home will conform to building codes?
Before you build, you’ll apply for a building permit. Your county official will help determine if your plans and specifications meet local requirements. Also, check your purchase agreement for specifics. Snow, wind and seismic loads vary from county to county, so providing this information to your log-home company can help it accommodate these requirements before it completes the planning and estimating process.