Fun Thanksgiving Facts

Everyone at Log Home Living and wishes you a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving holiday. After you’ve finished up with your traditions — whatever they may be — please enjoy these fun Thanksgiving facts and resources (including leftover recipes) we’ve found for you.  


cartoon turkeyLeftover Turkey Recipes (and more!)
Put your leftovers to good use with one of these Thanksgiving recipes—favorites include turkey soups, turkey casseroles, turkey chili, turkey pot pie and more (choose from over 54 recipes!)
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cartoon turkeyFun (and Amazing) Thanksgiving Facts
Did you know that TV dinners have Thanksgiving to thank for their origin? In 1953, Swanson misjudged the number of T-day turkeys it would sell — by 26 tons! A brilliant employee came up with the idea to cook it, slice it and sell it frozen with all the trimmings, and voila!
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cartoon turkeyThe Truth Behind “Thanksgiving”
Ever wondered the real story behind the Thanksgiving tradition? Yeah, we know it has something to do with Native Americans and Pilgrims and a very large picnic, but the real story can be found here. Get ready to impress your relatives!
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 cartoon turkeyWhat About the Astronauts?
Rehydrated turkey out of a foil pack? Carved with a pocketknife? Find out out the astronauts celebrate Thanksgiving up in outer space. Trust us, you’ll feel like you have much more to be thankful about after this read!
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 cartoon turkeyMacy’s Didn’t Start the Parade
Though the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is heralded by many as the official start of the holiday season, it didn’t come first. Gimbles department store held the first Thanksgiving parade four years earlier than Macy’s inaugural outing in 1924. (Detroit kicked off their own Thanksgiving parade the same year, but the city is better known for its football team, the Lions, playing every Thanksgiving Day than for its parade.)
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