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Clare’s Wares | March 2008 | Log Home Living
by: Clare Martin


Made in the Shade
Bright track lights may be functional in certain parts of the house, but a low-wattage glow is much better for recalling the cozy interiors of pioneer cabins.You don’t have to eschew electricity for candles or kerosene lamps, though—this hanging light by Katie’s Lighthouse emits a soft shine through the pattern punched in its tin shade.Hung over a dining table, it will cast your meals in a more old-fashioned (not to mention flattering) light.

$62.99 (small) to $69.99 (large)

Call 877-790-2194, or visit their website.

hanging metal light


Punched Tin PanelSalvaged Tin StarsHanging Tin Shade
punched tin cabinet panelweathered tin starhanging metal light

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