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GRK Fasteners was established in 1990 to provide patented, quality screws and fasteners through its wholesale and retail partners for various construction and carpentry applications. With its head office in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, GRK serves an international clientele. Although the majority of sales are in North America, GRK also serves Europe (through GRK Europe GmbH) and parts of Asia. GRK Fasteners are manufactured (under license) in Taiwan, Switzerland and Germany.

GRK has several product lines, including R4® Multi-Purpose screws, RSS® Rugged Structural Screws, Trim Head® Screws, MSS® Metal Siding Screws and a variety of complementary products such as bits, screw guides, deco-caps and other accessories. GRK is the industry’s original “star head” fastener. All GRK screws feature patented coating (Climatek®), thread design (W-Cut®), head design (self-countersinking R4® or integrated washer head RSS®) and tips.

GRK fasteners are the choice of discerning buyers as illustrated by the company’s commitment to ongoing research and development and its consistent year-by-year growth. GRK, indeed, has the industry’s toughest screws! 

RSS® Rugged Structural Screws
GRK’s patented Rugged Structural Screws are a lag screw replacement made of specially hardened steel to provide high tensile, torque and shear strength. Sharp threads and points bite instantly into building materials (including hardwood), reducing splitting. The RSS® has a round head with a built-in shield (washer-type head) and is available in a variety of sizes up to 16″. RSS® fasteners are available with gold colored Climatek® coating in a Pheinox® stainless steel. Discerning log home builders appreciate the quality, appearance, ease-of-use and technical merits of choosing GRK Fasteners for their projects.

Trim Head® Screws
GRK’s patented Trim Head® Screws are an excellent choice for decks, most fine carpentry applications, as well as window extension jambs and more. GRK’s Trim Head screws feature the smallest screw head in the industry and are available in sizes from 1 1/2″ (40mm) to 5″ (125mm). The Trim Screws’ exceptionally small head, along with the thread design, prevent most material splitting. In composite deck construction (and with tropical hardwoods), the trim head is designed to disappear beneath the surface of the deck, resulting in a more attractive appearance. Many sizes are also available in Pheinox® stainless steel.

Top Star® Adjustable Distance Screws
GRK’s patented Top Star® adjustable distance screw eliminates shimming and reduces labor substantially for the installation of window and door frames, insulation paneling, built-in wall units, cabinets and much more. The Top Star® makes it easy to adjust door and window frames at any time (e.g. to compensate for log settlement). The Top Star® is available in a variety of sizes from 2″ up to 16″.

R4® Multi-Purpose Screws

GRK’s patented R4® self-countersinking screw has cutting pockets under the head which act like a drill point to countersink the head of the screw, This guarantees the most accurate countersink hole possible. The R4® eliminates pre-drilling and stripped heads and is available in over 60 sizes, with either Climatek® coating or Pheinox® stainless steel. The R4® is recommended for use in wood, particle board, sheet metal, cement fibre board, composite decking and wood decking.


MSS® Metal Siding Screws

The patented MSS® was developed to meet the industry’s need for a more sophisticated fastener for metal roofs and siding. The MSS® screw has an integrated self-sealing washer head. The MSS® is available with a Zip-tip® (for metal to wood) or a Drill-tip® (for metal to metal). No pre-drilling is required. The MSS® is available in different colors to match siding appearance and is powder-coated for exceptionally high corrosion resistance. MSS® is designed with a low, smooth head and provides a good seal in both extremely warm and cold climates.

GRK Fasteners
1449 Rosslyn Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario P7E 6W1
Tel: 800-263-0463 or 807-474-4300
Fax: 800-895-5160 or 807-475-9625