Eco-Friendly Landscaping
Green Building Tips
by: Kenya McCullum
Strategic landscaping not only beautifies your yard — it can contribute to your household’s bottom line. In addition to shading your home, careful positioning of trees and shrubs can help you cut down on how much you need to use your air conditioner. But eco-friendly landscaping doesn’t have to translate into a boring yard. “I’m not talking about rock gardens,” says Brian Gitt of Build It Green, a California-based organization that promotes green building practices. “Certainly it’s nice to have some grass for kids to play on; it’s just about using it appropriately.” A front yard that’s all turf won’t ever get fully used, but it still requires a lot of chemicals and water to maintain.

Orient home around the sunReduce ecological footprintSustainable building materials
Reduce construction wasteLandscape with thoughtConserve water
Seal your homeIndoor climate controlIndoor air quality
Energy-star approvedLong term planning