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Clare’s Wares | February 2008 | Log Home Living
by: Clare Martin


Great Stuff by Paul
sugar mold candlesIf you happened to catch the video version of Clare’s Wares that debuted a couple of months ago, you already know that I love this one-of-a-kind antique store located in Frederick, Maryland. What makes the store so, well, great is that owner Paul Berkowitz does all the dirty work for you—he travels to Europe and Asia and scours the countryside for cast-offs, buying in bulk and selling the items (from Mexican sugar molds to Thai rice bowls) back in the States for shockingly low prices. In other words, you can be sure that whatever you’re buying is 100-percent authentic. Just like with Pearl River, you’ll find the best stuff in the actual store, but there’s also a nice selection online.Sugar mold candleholder, $23 to $28

Call 301-631-5340, or visit their website.


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