What is the first thing a man does when he wins $275 million? He calls Southland Log Homes and orders a couple of homes, of course.

Until recently, Robert and his wife, Tonya, lived in a single-wide mobile home in Portal, Georgia. Robert was an ironworker, mostly working on skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta.

Every Friday the couple played their grandchildren’s birthdays in the lottery. On February 22nd this year, Tonya purchased the sole winning lottery ticket from a local convenient store. She brought the ticket home and forgot about it. They didn’t watch the lottery drawing that night.

The next morning their daughter called to tell them that someone in their hometown had won the lottery. That’s when they checked the numbers.

Robert told the lottery commission “I sat there and cried for a minute.” They had become the largest lottery jackpot winners in Georgia history.

Their first order of business — the purchase of 19 acres with a view.

Next, a call to Southland Log Homes. Because our Macon log home model is near Robert’s hometown, he knew Southland’s reputation for building quality, durable log homes. He says he always dreamed of owning a Southland home.

So, he got Ray Lewis from Southland Log Homes in Macon on the phone.  He quickly let Ray know that if he wanted to sell a log home today, he had better get over to Portal to meet with him today. Ray packed up some supplies and went.

After some deliberation, Robert chose the Highland with some additions for himself and his wife. His daughter chose a Grand Lake floor plan, also with some additions.

They are currently enjoying life on their newly purchased 19 acres. The log home packages have been delivered and the houses are under way. We feel sure Robert, Tonya, and their family are going to truly love living in their new Southland homes.