Handmade Stepping Stone | Cabin Decor IdeasStep 1: Gather Your Supplies
How To: Make a Decorative Stepping Stone
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies
Decor Supplies | Making a Decorative Stepping StoneWhat You’ll Need:

Some sort of concrete mix. I used an 8-lb. stepping stone mix purchased at a craft store, but you can use building concrete, too. ($5.99)

Sticks or scrap wood for mixing the concrete and decorating your stone. (free)

River rocks or other decorative items. ($3.97 for a 5-lb. bag)

Stepping stone form. I used a 9-by-9-inch cake pan. (free)

Plastic wrap or wax paper to protect the form — especially if you want to use it again!

Bucket or container to mix your concrete in. I used an empty laundry detergent container with the top cut off, which worked fine. You won’t be able to re-use the bucket (except for mixing more cement), so keep that in mind. (free)Measuring cup.


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