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December 2006 Log Home Living

Gorgeous Homes
New Traditions
A Vermont escape offers the classic combination of comfort and fun in Snow Country. This gem will make you smile.
Small Wonder
A Florida couple’s dream of a sprawling Montana lodge is overhauled in favor of a cozy guest cottage—with surprising results.
A Family Affair
Two families imagined the perfect getaway, but got something even better: a place that feels like home, offering years of cherished memories.
Energy-Saving Ideas: Introducing the Smart Log Home
Hot Zone
You no longer have to burn money heating your home. Check out zone heating—a new concept that allows you to keep the temperature toasty warm in the rooms you use most.
Smart House
Home automation and rustic living do go together—and create one incredibly efficient house.


Editor’s Note


Front Porch
Log home trends, products and great ideas, including self-cleaning windows (really!), geothermal heating, new books and the latest in home decor.

Home Style
Side entrances are quickly becoming the area everyone uses to enter your house. Here are a few ideas to make sure this important entry doesn’t get sidelined.

Savvy Builder
Your log home delivery is set for spring. Now what? Our resident building pro suggests 6 things you need to discuss with your builder before the sawdust flies.

Green Space
When it comes to planting trees, shrubs and new gardens, think locally. Here’s the lowdown on native flora—and why they’re the best bet for a thriving landscape.

Seminars, open houses—find the latest happenings in the log home community.

See something in one of our home tours that you’d like to buy? You’ll find all the information here.

Wise Moves
Advice and a little inspiration from log-home owners.


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