log home design secrets Finishing Touches
Apply these finishing touches to your log home to cut costs without sacrificing value.
by: Charles Bevier

26. Door Jam
A pre-hung steel unit (around $600) will work well and is easy to install. For more dent protection, upgrade to fiberglass, which offers a wood-like texture with less maintenance.

27. Light Bright
Specify low-cost lighting fixtures and upgrade them in the future. Lynn Gastineau also recommends using inexpensive fluorescent lights above and below cabinetry as task lighting for cooking.

28. Hearths
Instead of a traditional masonry fireplace (which can cost from $50k to $100k) choose a factory-made, direct-vent, zero-clearance fireplace, which can be accented with decorative rock (around $15,000 installed).

29. Counter Intuition
For a solid work surface, Lynn Gastineau recommends installing granite on your kitchen island and then using granite tile on the remaining countertops to save money.

30. Straight Shooter

A simple, straight stair design will save you money. For the ultimate budget buy, Sam Satterwhite suggests a plain set of stairs (for a few hundred bucks) concealed under pad and carpet.

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