Log Home Planning 101
Two finance questions to prepare you for the main event
by: Log Home Living editorial staff


1. How much does a log home cost? 
This figure varies greatly, depending on the size as well as the quality of the building materials, finishes and fixtures you choose. Be aware that when a log producer quotes you a price, it may cover only the package you devise and there may be additional expenses. Besides the purchase of the land, there’s the preparation of the construction site. This can include installing a driveway, leveling the building site, laying the foundation, drilling a well and hooking into local utilities.

To get an idea of these expenditures, contact local builders and the municipality where you plan to build. Do, however, turn to the log producer for a ballpark estimate of building any package that interests you. They have years of experience in the field and can help you match the house you want with your budget.

2. How do I lower my costs?

To get the most for your money, set priorities. Don’t skimp on building components that move, such as windows, doors and plumbing fixtures that are continually opened and closed, turned on and turned off. When it comes to selecting fixtures that get used daily, invest in the highest quality you can afford.

Once construction is underway, try to stick to your original plan. Changing the design or the materials after you begin building delays the project and increases expenses.

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