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Log Home Living is a monthly magazine for people who own or are planning to build contemporary log homes. It is devoted almost exclusively to modern manufactured and handcrafted kit log homes. Our interest in historical or nostalgic stories of very old log cabins, reconstructed log homes, or one-of-a-kind owner-built homes is secondary and should be queried first.

Our audience is primarily composed of married couples between 30 and 45 years old. They are generally well-educated and very individualistic do-it-yourselfers.

Log Home Living
welcomes new talent and strives to develop long-term relationships with those contributors who consistently deliver quality work. We buy four to six bylined feature articles of 1,500 to 2,000 words per issue. These articles should reflect readers’ lifestyles and interest in log homes as follows:

Log Home Owner Profiles. Articles about people who have built modern log homes from manufactured or handcrafted kits. In a conversational tone, describe the home as it is and tell how it came to be. Emphasize the elements that make this home special: intent, design, solutions to problems, features, furnishings, interior design and landscaping. Every story must include scouting photos if applicable. Floorplans of the completed home, construction costs and schedules are a plus.

  • Design Features. Stories on various architectural features of log homes. Stories can focus on a particular home or the same architectural feature on different homes.

  • Technical Articles. How-to advice about specific aspects of log home construction or pre-construction. Examples are scheduling a construction project, selecting wood preservatives, installing flooring, decorating log homes, dealing with subcontractors and innovative financing programs. Writers of these articles should be experts or able to interview experts and convey the information for a lay audience.

  • Historical Features. Articles about historical log structures in North America or abroad and restorations of same. As mentioned before, we have a limited need for this material.

We will read unsolicited manuscripts but prefer an outline or a detailed query letter first. We accept submissions via mail or e-mail. E-mailed documents should be sent as Word attachments or within the body of the message. E-mail manuscripts and queries to editor@loghomeliving.com or mail to Editor, Log Home Living, 4125 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 100, Chantilly VA 20151. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your materials returned.

If you are submitting an unsolicited manuscript or a query, it always helps for the editors to see scouting shots of the home you would like us to consider for a feature story. Please submit color snapshots of the interior and exterior.

Writer’s Contracts
Log Home Living
requires its freelance writers to sign a contract with every feature story we accept. The writer’s contract spells out what we can expect from our writers and what our writers can expect from us if a story is accepted for publication in the magazine. It provides basic protection for both parties if disputes should arise over payment, usage, etc.

Payment & Rights
Payment for features ranges depending on length, nature of the work and writer’s expertise on the subject matter. We acknowledge receipt of submissions immediately and try to provide an editor’s response within 30 days. Payment is made within 30 days of acceptance.

If we determine that a submitted article requires substantial rewriting, we will pay a $100 research fee for the information supplied. If we decide not to use an assigned accepted article, we will pay a $100 kill fee.

Rights & Conditions
Log Home Living
buys first North American rights and nonexclusive reprint rights. Upon publication, authors will receive two complimentary copies of the issue with their work. We cannot accept responsibility for the personal safety or property of any freelancer while on assignment for the magazine. Writers and photographers are urged to have their own insurance while on assignment. We assume that all contributed manuscripts are original and that all facts and quotes have been verified. Articles that have been published or submitted elsewhere must be so identified; in such cases, the author is responsible for obtaining permission to reprint previously published materials prior to submission to Log Home Living.

Reasonable expenses will be covered, provided that travel plans and all anticipated costs are discussed beforehand with the editor. A complete expense report, including receipts for all claims, should accompany the contributor’s work. Expense reimbursement is made with payment for an accepted article.

Sample Copy
If you would like a sample copy of Log Home Living magazine, please send your check or money order for $4.00 to HBPI, Attn: Sample Copy, 4125 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 100, Chantilly VA 20151.

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