Estemerwalt Log Homes was recently featured on TV when Larry Hoff of CW11 (Channel 11, CW Network) in New York City visited the company’s factory in Honesdale, Pa.Hoff walked through several processes with Estemerwalt staff, including Beth Reese and Kurt Propst. There were segments shortly after 6, 7 and 8 a.m.

The first segment shortly after 6 a.m. followed the logs into the mill room and onto the infeed deck. “It’s not going to be a log cabin, it’s going to be a custom house,” Hoff said. “The mill here is so different from when I grew up in the Northwest and I was around the mills. They are able to turn these into an exact cylinder.” The in-studio talent commentary was extremely complimentary as well. “They make really cool homes,” said one of the anchors.

Hoff said he was “scared to death” about being interviewed “but once I got into it, I felt pretty comfortable.” He said he didn’t get to everything he wanted to say because the time flew by. “Part of it was for the company, but also for the log-home industry, and do you have enough time to say everything you want to? Of course not, it goes so fast,” he said. “There’s just so much more that you can say. But given the time allowed, we got in as much as we could. And we got some leads.”

The video is available to watch on YouTube.