Environmental Quality Control
Four green building focus areas for your log home
by: Rita King


Environmental Quality
Although energy efficiency gets the lion’s share of the attention, Bob says other factors, including water conservation and avoiding materials that “don’t make people sick,” are critical as well. Volatile organic chemicals (VOC) are given off by some carpet pads, adhesives used to hold cabinets together and a range of paints. “Off-gassing” is the result of VOC’s in the home. “I’m not a doctor,” Bob said, “but I know these are not the kinds of things we’d choose to breathe.” He recommends researching home products before buying to ensure that the safest materials, such as non-toxic glues and paints, are used.So you don’t have to hug any trees to build green. Along with saving resources and money, green building is a practical philosophy that leads to increased health while protecting our environment for future generations. And in the process of all this good will, you’ll get to save a little “green” of your own.


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