Plan Your Dream Home Now
18 strategies to realize your dream home in the next 12 months

Here are the next 6 strategies to help you realize your dream of building a log home.

7. Chat About It
A project of this magnitude can add stress to your marriage. Strive to communicate clearly with your spouse about your new-home goals. "Make sure you both get your say," advises Judith Landau with Timbercraft Homes. "If someone holds back, doesn’t say what he or she really thinks, many times the project won’t ever be completed."

8. Create a Scrapbook
Use a scrapbook to compile the features and amenities you want in the home. You’ll be performing valuable research, as well as being able to accurately communicate to your spouse and builder what you want.

9. Think in Three Dimensions
No matter how powerful our imagination, few of us can look at drawings and then picture the home in our mind’s eye. This is why you should tour model homes and visit with producers to get a feel for different designs and capabilities.

10. Prioritize Your Needs
You’ll probably discover that there are far more products and amenities for homes than you can afford or fit into your new space. "After a while, you have to realize that you can’t include everything you love in one house," says Brenda at Riverbend. She advises you to be realistic about what you can afford and what amenities you’ll use every day.

11. Listen to the Pros
Designers at log home companies can help you transform your wish lists, scrapbook of photos and floorplans into a workable design. "Use their expertise to help you meet your budget", says Iain at New Energy Works Timberframers.

Will you need to hire an architect? That’s a matter of personal preference. Most log home companies have designers on staff. It’s 15 to 20 percent cheaper to use a log company’s in-house design team than to use an independent architect.

12. Create the Right Team
In addition to selecting a designer and a log home producer, you’ll also need a general contractor or builder to turn-key the home. If possible, choose a team that has worked together before on a timber home (not a requirement, but it certainly helps to streamline construction). "Everything will work more smoothly if the entire building team is on the same page," says Iain.

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