This could have been titled “things we wish we knew when we started the log home building process,” in other words, we really could have used this advice. Luckily for you, (if you haven’t started building), you can take these tips all the way to the bank!

1. Start early
Log homes are very different from stick-built construction, so there’s a lot you’ll need to learn before you even begin to plan out your home. Plus, if you’re like us, you’re going to want to collect a lot of ideas for finishing materials, decor and the overall aesthetic of your house before you decide on a plan. The earlier you start researching and compiling your ideas, the better. Plus, that will give you plenty of time to think about where you’re heading and if you want to change your mind.

2. Think outside the box
For us, that meant coming up with an alternative to adding on to our existing home when we realized we needed more space for guests. But, we also kept this idea in mind when we got to work designing our guesthouse. From where people will sleep to the amenities in your kitchen, think about what you really need and then come up with a way to accomplish that, while making your home uniquely yours.

3. Communicate with your log home company
Because we vocalized the kind of house we were looking to build, the folks at Hearthstone were able to lead us in the right direction—without us having to do a bunch of unnecessary work. It’s good to come to the table with concrete ideas about what you want, but many times the company has a plan that’s close to what you’ve envisioned. Before you sketch out the entire floor plan, talk to your representative and see if you can work together to come up with a suitable design.

4. Pick your battles
We knew we wanted the look of weathered, old-fashioned logs, but weren’t sure if we were up for the challenges that sometimes come when working with reclaimed timbers. Decide on the elements of your home that you just have to have and make choices where you can. For example, if you know that installing vintage flooring is going to be one of your challenges (both physically and financially), make other smart decisions that will lighten your load.


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