Design On A Dime
We’re putting the design tools right at your fingertips. Click on the links below to check out some of our favorite programs for creating floorplans on the cheap.

For just $3 a month (with an annual membership), Plan3D gives you full access to its user-friendly, drag-and-drop online design program.

Create 3D models of your home, and then employ SketchUp’s shadow-casting feature to see where the sun will hit your house at different times of the day.

Black Mountain Software’s free trial will get you a limited-function version of its Fast Plans 11 program, great for drawing basic walls, windows and doors.

If you can work fast, check out Home Plan Pro’s 30-day trial version—or pony up a mere $39 for the full software and take your time.


–Clare Martin

Read the original story in the May 2007 issue of Log Home Living