Rachel Machacek Managing Editor Rachel Machacek, Log Home Living’s design guru, shares her ideas for making the most of your space.

Editor’s Product Picks
These three office products will take your Home Management Center from functional to fabulous.

Modular Linen TilesPinboard Tiles
Stone-colored linen modular tiles can streamline even the least-organized filing system of tacked-up notes and numbers. Mount them in any configuration, whether it’s a grid above the desk or a row along the wall. (Pushpins included.) $25 each. Call 888-779-5176, or visit
Rustic Stackable Paper TraysStackable Paper Trays
Contain this month’s bills and current worker contracts with these metal art paper trays. Choose a style based on your favorite Northwoods imagery, including horses (shown), cabins and fly fishermen. Available in rustic finish (shown) or black. $51.99. Call 888-462-3785, or visit
Pendant Lights

Handblown Pendant Lamp
Brighten up your HMC literally and figuratively with a pendant lamp or two. The vintage appeal of Sundance’s clear-glass design blends seamlessly with rustic decor. Suspend in multiples to punctuate the length of a room or illuminate a worktable. $148 (or buy two at $125 each). Call 800-422-2770, or visit sundancecatalog.com

–Rachel Machacek

Read the original story in the May 2007 issue of Log Home Living