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Buying furniture for your log home should be fun and exciting, not a task you consider one step above a visit to the dentist. But for too many homeowners, that’s exactly what happens as they face the prospect of buying sofas, chairs, tables and accent pieces. Not to fear! This section is here to provide you tips and advice on what to look for during the decor and furniture buying process.


Log Home Makeover Magic

A stylish update brings warmth to the great room of a 30-year-old Colorado log home.

Our Guide to Shopping by Month


January is the best time to buy furniture on clearance, as stores make room for the new year’s lines and models. You’ll also find White Sales galore with savings of up to 50 percent on […]

Sponsored Product Spotlight: Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces

With its incredible efficiency, clean-burning technology, and use of renewable fuel, a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace is one of the most environmentally responsible heating choices for your home. Also known as masonry heaters or thermal […]

Work in Progress: Barn restoration

Where some folks see a worthless relic, others look upon a neglected barn and imagine a home with soaring spaces and rustic charm. Over the last 30 years, the New Jersey […]

Everybody must get stone

Stone naturally complements wood and so finds special favor with log-home owners. It is most visible as a chimney material and a facing for foundations, but stone is also used for flooring and countertops, even […]

The 23 Coolest Amenities Money Can Buy

When it comes to customization of a home, the carefully plotted floor plan is only the beginning. Homeowners love to include amenities. But what qualifies for luxury in today’s world of wood homes? Options seem […]

Barn Home Q&A: Advice from the experts

What materials are commonly used in the construction of a barn home? Jeremy Bonin, principal architect, Davis Frame Company and Classic Barn Homes: In a barn-style home the materials and finishes may […]

Feng Shui: The art of placement

Creating a healthy environment based on a natural balance of earthen materials, rich and subdued colors and a flow of energy that rejuvenates and revitalizes the soul are the key principles of Feng Shui. […]

Visit the inside of a furniture factory

Given the dizzying acceleration of change nowadays, people still crave objects made with artistry, with attention to quality and detail and, most importantly, by hand. This is especially true among log-home owners, who cherish wood […]

Using Decorative Wood

Wood as a decorative medium can generally be broken down into three categories: carvings, burls, and bark.

Carvings are self-explanatory.

According to Anthony R. Brach of Harvard University Herbaria, a burl is “a hard, woody outgrowth on […]