Call Me Cozy
Clare’s Wares | January 2008
by: Clare Martin

Feeling Sheepish
When your feet are cold, there’s a good chance the rest of you is shivering, too—so give your tootsies a warm place to rest with IKEA’s fluffy Rens sheepskin rug. The small rug won’t cover much floor space, so place it in an area where you know you’ll appreciate it—like next to your bed, so your feet can sink deep into the faux fur instead of meeting cold hardwood floors at 7 a.m. Feeling extra indulgent? Give the top half of your body a little TLC, too, by slinging a rug over the back of a couch or chair.


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IKEA's fluffy Rens sheepskin rug

Fur Sure Knit Wit Feeling Sheepish
Faux-fur pillow covers from Pottery Barn CB2's super-soft Tessuto throw IKEA fluffy Rens sheepskin rug
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