Log Home Living runs 5 to 6 home features in each monthly issue. As you can imagine, competition for these spots is fierce, but it is open to homeowners, builders and log home manufacturers on an equal basis, with every home judged according to the following criteria:

  • Attractive design. The exterior of the home should be well-proportioned and the interior should be open and inviting. We’re particularly interested in homes with modern, good-looking kitchens and large great rooms that make a statement, since these rooms are focal points for our readers.
  • Size. We strive to provide a varied mix of homes in each issue, with one home under 2,000 square feet, one dream home over 6,000 square feet, and 3 or 4 homes in between. Though we do use large homes from time to time, we try to limit features on homes over 10,000 square feet because we believe that extremely large homes aren’t realistic options for our readers.
  • Architectural style. We strive to represent a good variety of styles (Ranch, Appalachian, Rustic, etc.), so we can expose readers to all the varieties out there. If we’ve run too much of one style home recently, we may opt to turn down or postpone using another home in the same style.
  • Geographic region. We try to feature homes from all parts of the country, so readers can relate to something near them.
  • Log suppliers. We spread around choices so we can show the good work of a number of producers and builders.
  • Decor. For many readers, Log Home Living is an idea magazine. They expect to find written advice and photos that inspire them and spur their decorating ideas. To meet their needs, we strive to feature homes that are tastefully decorated with high quality furnishings.
  • Landscaping. We want to show readers homes in their finished state. So we usually wait to make the decision about a home until its landscaping has started to mature.

To Submit a Home for ConsiderationIf you’d like us to consider featuring your home in the magazine, please send us snapshots of the home and all its key rooms. We’ll want to see photos of the exterior, the kitchen, the master bedroom and bath, the great room, and any other key rooms or unusual features (architectural elements, furnishings, landscaping, etc.) that you think make your home special.