Indoor Climate Control
Green Building Tips

by: Kenya McCullum

Heating and cooling costs account for about 45 percent of your home’s energy usage, which is why it’s key to get a tight seal on your home. By installing high-performance Low-E windows you can shave off up to 25 percent of your energy use. Visit the National Fenestration Rating Council to compare the energy performance of windows, doors and skylights. (An NFRC rating is required for all products to get the Energy Star stamp of approval, by the way.) When it comes to your actual heating system, log-home owners can benefit from radiant heat, which works well with the logs’ thermal mass because it heats the objects inside your home instead of the air.

Orient home around the sun Reduce ecological footprint Sustainable building materials
Reduce construction waste Landscape with thought Conserve water
Seal your home Indoor climate control Indoor air quality
Energy-star approved   Long term planning

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