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Gorgeous Homes

River Manor
On Michigan’s Big Muskegon River, a home showcases the unexpected: a combination of rustic and stately styles. The results are amazing.

Right Here at Home
This lakeside classic, complete with turrets (no lie) and a state-of-the-art
kitchen, proves that you don’t always have to travel far to find an excellent
place to build.

Where I Belong
Talk about custom design. Nestled alongside West Virginia’s Greenbrier River, this beauty boasts triangular windows, three sets of French doors and a double-sided hearth … and it’s still cozy.

Mountain Hideout
Some say this is one of the most perfect log homes in the world-or at least
the Rockies. You be the judge.

Tetons, By Design
Planning a home that will be perfect for entertaining friends and family
can be tricky. But this couple in Wyoming’s Bitterroot Valley got it just right.


Make a Splash
Don’t have a fortune for the master bathroom? No problem. We show you how you can add little luxuries and stick to your budget.

Making the Upgrade
Maybe you’ve found extra room in your budget for upgrading your kitchen, bath or other areas of  your home. Here are the secrets to making it all come together (it’s cheaper than you think). Plus: Making your home more energy efficient.

Keep It Clean
Tips for creating a healthy home-especially when it comes to clean water and indoor air. Plus: Hints for keeping those logs clean!

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Editor’s Note


Brass Tacks
Our resident building expert offers advice on placing drywall in select parts of your home. He covers the pros, cons and everywhere in between.

Featuring the latest ways to outfit every room in your home.

Home Design
How to build guest rooms that are flexible enough to accommodate family and friends. (Because you know they’re coming.)

Great Places
Ruidoso, New Mexico, is one of the Southwest’s best-kept secrets. Plus: Five other outstanding areas in North America to build your dream home.

Seminars, open houses-find out the latest happenings in the log home community.

Where to find log home manufacturers, products and more.

Lamp-maker Michael Adams creates gorgeous light for the home, and he’s even attracted the likes of filmmaker George Lucas to his Arts and Crafts-inspired designs.

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