Contents - September 2003
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Back to the Ranch
Preserving family tradition is the cornerstone of this Texas log home.

Elegant Entryways
11 ways to make a grand entrance

A Diamond in the Rough

Renovating this riverside jewel wasn’t easy, but the hard work was well worth the effort.

Home Again

Building a special house is always
a labor of love. This one required twice as much heart.

A Fresh Start

A home’s new owners recast its interior from cabin-y to contemporary and create a space tailor-made for great entertaining.

Country Refined

Giving up city life, an Atlanta couple finds contentment in the country.

Adding On

What you need to know to make a new addition a thing of lasting beauty.

Deck Design
The major things to consider when adding an outdoor space to your home

Maintaining Your Investment
Simple measures keep your home in tip-top shape.

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Editor’s Note


Removing paint from logs

Brass Tacks
10 ways to prepare your home for cold and wet weather

Home Design
Selecting the right windows will help
you create a home that’s both attractive and comfortable.


In the Garden
How to protect your plants during
the winter and bring them back to life next spring

The keys to choosing the right caulking and chinking product for your home




Artist Jack Leadley turns the craft of hand weaving pack baskets into an art form.

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