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Natural Wonders
A Michigan couple’s retirement home becomes a gathering place for friends and family.

27 Ways to Fine-tune Your Floorplan
With a few tweaks, you can design a beautiful home that’s also practical to live in.

Redefining Rustic
The waters of the Menominee River beckon a Wisconsin couple to build along its banks.

Designer Challenge
Learn how to brighten dark rooms.

Greeted by a Gargoyle
A New Jersey dream home perfectly reflects the owner’s love of Craftsman architecture.

How to Grow a Log Home
Start with a simple cabin, make some strategic changes, add a reverence for nature, and soon grows a mountain home that some might call divine.

Top 9 Designs
Announcing the winners of our 6th Annual Floorplan Design Contest

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Editor’s Note


Brass Tacks
Follow these steps to create the
perfect path to your log home’s front door.


Home Style
Turn a simple master bedroom into a simply inviting retreat.

In the Garden
Create a bountiful garden that will not only be pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to the palate.

If you think porcelain and stainless steel are the only options for sinks, think again.



Blacksmith Steve Joslyn turns heavy metal into exquisite sculpture.

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