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Gorgeous Homes

Allure of the Lake
Planning a waterside retreat in northern Wisconsin wasn’t tough; building it from a distance was another story. How one couple pulled it off and created a masterpiece.

A World Away
They wanted a small vacation home to entertain friends, so it was time to get a little creative. Introducing a Montana gem.

Sweet Water
One couple sketched (and re-sketched) their home one room at a time. Their labor paid off with an enchanting custom home in eastern Maine.

Among the Pines
High in Arizona’s White Mountains, one handy couple has built a getaway that has become a labor of love.

Inside Advantage: Screened-in Porches

Secrets of designing the best screened-in porches, which will protect your log walls and help create an endless summer.

Building on a Budget
Essential tips for saving money when planning every phase of your home. Plus: Where not to skimp.

The Great Divide: Fences
We give you the lowdown on the best styles when thinking about a range of uses, including boundary markers, gardens and more.

Designer Challenge: Outdoor Space
From furniture and lighting to decks and water features, learn 10 ways to beautify your slice of the great outdoors. Plus: Creating outdoor kitchens!

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Editor’s Note


Brass Tacks
Building a log home is the ultimate energy-efficient move, but learn how glass features (including skylights, bay windows and more) can be used to save even more money.

Home Style
Vintage styles are in, and we highlight the best in flooring, fixtures, bathroom accessories (think giant tubs) and more.

Featuring the latest ways to outfit every room in your home.

We know: Gutters aren’t exactly at the top of your planning list. Still, they play a major role in protecting your home. Our quick rundown of options.

In the Garden
Learn how to plant flowers that actually glow past dusk and add an alluring element to warm evenings.

Seminars, open housesÑfind out the latest happenings in the log home community.

Where to find log home manufacturers, products and more.

Furniture-maker George Jaques continues a family inspired Great Camp tradition.

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