Contents - July 2003
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The Pursuit of Happiness
A California woman builds a log home that would make both her forefathers proud.Recipes for Small Kitchens
Professional kitchen designers share their secrets for getting the most out of a small space.Protecting Your Home From Wildfire
Careful planning and preparation will ensure your home escapes a blaze.

An Old-Fashioned Cabin with Classic Appeal
With resourcefulness and creativity, a couple builds a grand house on a small scale in Georgia.

Everything Old is New Again
Part of the charm of building a log home is in doing it the old-fashioned way.

A Perfect Blend
A little bit of his and a little bit of hers combine to make a log home that is completely theirs.

Water Magic
How to create and maintain a
water garden in your backyard

Coming Full Circle
Childhood memories beckon a
couple to retire in ease, log style.

At the Fair
Furniture fairs invite buyers to take
a seat… or a table, or a lamp…

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Editor’s NoteMailbox


Brass Tacks
Firm foundations

Home Design
Maximizing space in a smaller home

Home Style
Beyond the lodge look

Driveway decisions

In the Garden
Garden irrigation



Lighting artist Roc Corbett shows off the wonders of the West in his unique handcrafted fixtures.

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