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BONUS! Financial Planning Guide

Use this comprehensive pull-out checklist to help you find the best loan package.

At Home in the Forest
A Colorado cabin is fueled by sunshine and the spirit of independent living.

Living Off the Grid
Intrigued by the prospect of eliminating your electric bill? Here’s how to do it.

Patience Pays Off
Taking their time to get it right, one couple leaves no stone unturned while building their vacation home.

What’s Hot for the Hearth
Rekindle your love affair with the latest fireplace trends.

Great Hearth Recipes
The difference between a great hearth and a merely average one is architectural balance. Cook up a fire that delights the senses with these six design strategies.

Home Everlasting
In a tiny Vermont town, one couple’s sweat equity yields sweet rewards.

Heating with Wood
Three whole-house options that will keep you warm and toasty

High-Tech Heaven
20 devices and accessories for the modern-day log home

Adventurous Spirit
The thrill of adventure and a desire to try new things leads a Montana woman on a quest to build a handcrafted log home.

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Editor’s Note


Our expert answers the question about when to caulkâ€â€?and when not to.

Brass Tacks
Want to control your costs and create the log home of your dreams? Then be explicit when telling contractors what you expect.

Custom Home Design Contest
Enter to win a free custom dream home design, created by respected log home architect Jean Steinbrecher

Home Style
Changing your home’s interior from summer splendor to winter warmth can be as easy as waving a magic wand.


In the Garden
Follow these five key ingredients to create a pleasing and cohesive garden.

Four options that will put you in hot water



Inspired by his grandmother’s tales of the Wild West, artist David Lemon sculpts imaginative clay figures.

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