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On the Cover

BONUS! Contractor
Review Checklist
Use our pull-out guide to find and compare the best log home contractors.

As Good As Old
With careful work, one New Jersey couple creates an old-fashioned-looking log home that seamlessly fits into the surrounding historic community.

Furnishing Your Home Room By Room
Decorating an entire home can seem like an overwhelming task. Use these expert tips to break it down to a more manageable jobâ€â€?one room at a time.

Family Ties
Fond memories of childhood vacations in Wisconsin spur a family to build their own log home in the same area.

True Colors
How to choose your hues with confidence

Tile Style
Line the walls and floors of your home with this decorative and versatile material.

Our New Kentucky Home
After spending their youth in the foothills of the southern Appalachians, a couple returns to build the perfect log retreat.

Canadian Born
A handcrafted log home near Washington state’s Columbia Gorge keeps its owners snug and happy.

Warm Wishes
What’s the best heating system for your new home?

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Editor’s Note

Mailbox and Q&A
Brass Tacks
Connecting your log home to 21st century technology
Home Design
Floor Planning Essentials

Great Places
Outdoor activities, history and the pleasures of small-town life make this western Maryland community the perfect place to build a log home.
Make a lasting impression with
a garage door to suit your log home’s personality.
Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, artist Stuart Compton’s tile making comes from his head, heart and hands.

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