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Gorgeous Homes

Heartland Glory
Learn how one couple created their dream home by diving into the finer points of planning and design. Their prairie home in Kansas is magnificent.

Living in Beauty
A mere 624 square feet, this home in northeastern Georgia is a testament to impeccable design and creativity-especially when it comes to doing more with less.

Simple Pleasures
Do-it-yourselfers, take note: A father-and-son team built this 2,000-square-foot getaway cabin in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, and it became a labor of love.

Hidden Potential
Before you remove that old cabin from your property, see how one Minnesota couple took a 1920s classic and transformed it into a modern gem.

Small Sensations
Here it is-our editors’ picks for 10 great small homes under 1,500 square feet. Plus: We give you a range of floorplans to fit any budget!

So Far, So Good
Our survival guide for building your home from hundreds or thousands of miles away. We’ll show you how to save money and work with contractors. Plus: A checklist for choosing a log company.

Designer Challenge: Small Homes, Big Ideas
Three log home design experts give you 10 essential secrets for getting the most out of your small space-from creating perfect kitchens to maximizing your great room.

Comfort Zones
Great options for heating and cooling your vacation home, including a telephone-operated cooling system.

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Editor’s Note


Brass Tacks
Our resident building expert offers advice on placing drywall in select parts of your home. He covers the pros, cons and everywhere in between.

Featuring the latest ways to outfit every room in your home.

Home Design
How to build guest rooms that are flexible enough to accommodate family and friends. (Because you know they’re coming.)

Great Places
Ruidoso, New Mexico, is one of the Southwest’s best-kept secrets. Plus: Five other outstanding areas in North America to build your dream home.

Seminars, open houses- find out the latest happenings in the log home community.

Where to find log home manufacturers, products and more.

Lamp-maker Michael Adams creates gorgeous light for the home, and he’s even attracted the likes of filmmaker George Lucas to his Arts and Crafts-inspired designs.

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