Log Home Planning 101
Two log home construction questions to prepare you for the main event
by: Log Home Living editorial staff


1. Who builds log homes?
Think of buying a log home package and its construction as two separate issues. Some log producers limit their work to making and selling the package. Others not only make and sell the package, but they also build it. Selecting someone to build your home may be a deciding factor in the log producer you choose. For example, if you already have a builder, or plan to build the house yourself, you may want a producer that only supplies the package. But, if you haven’t selected a builder, you may choose a producer that doubles as the general contractor.

When talking to log producers, find out about the services they offer. If they don’t have a network of builders, will they assist your builder? For a fee, some will assemble the components. Others will consult with your builder to ensure the work is completed correctly. This is an important service for owner-builders to know about.

2. Is one building system better than another?

No particular log construction method is sufficiently superior to persuade you to reject all others. Of all the log home producers in North America, it’s doubtful that any use the exact same combination of methods and materials. Their products have been incorporated into hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of homes. Instead of concentrating on the technical details of log home construction, focus on how the method complies with the building code in your area. Also, inquire about how the system accommodates settling and whether the logs are graded.

After discussing these points with potential log producers, turn inward. You likely have received "vibes" or had gut feelings about the people you have talked to. Do they strike you as being straightforward, competent and honest? Do you feel comfortable talking with them? Can they communicate clearly? Would you trust them to be in your home when you aren’t there? Check references and interview former clients. Ask them directly-did the producers do what they said they would, when they said they would and in the way they said they would? Though your relationship with your log producer and builder will be brief, it will be intense. And the result of your collaboration affects the way you live for years, even decades.

So, take all the time necessary to make informed, intelligent decisions. Listen to experienced professionals, people who have built their own home as well as your own intuition. The result will be a beautiful, functional living environment that you can call (log) home.

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