Conserve Water
Green Building Tips
by: Kenya McCullum

All of your green landscaping won’t do much good if you’re watering the sidewalks and streets surrounding your home whenever you feed your plants. Choosing efficient irrigation controllers will ensure that your yard — and only your yard — gets the appropriate amount of water. It’s as easy as a quick check to make sure all (or most) of the water is aimed at the green part of the landscape and adjusting any sprinkler heads that aren’t. Also, look for a system that has a sprinkler timer, irrigation clock and a programming mode that you can customize. microsprayer
  Direct-delivery microsprayers deliver water to individual plants — increasing efficiency, decreasing water bills

Orient home around the sun Reduce ecological footprint Sustainable building materials
Reduce construction waste Landscape with thought Conserve water
Seal your home Indoor climate control Indoor air quality
Energy-star approved   Long term planning

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