This month’s theme: Kidding Around

When I need a dash of sunny yellow, vibrant red or shocking pink for not a lot of green, I always head for the kids’ section of my favorite stores. In recent years, children’s furniture and accessories have become much more sophisticated than the chunky blue and yellow Fisher Price sets of my youth—but the stuff that makes it kid-friendly (bright colors, durability) is still perfectly in check.

Even better? Because it’s designed for kids who are going to outgrow it (or be distracted by the next big thing) in a year or two, it’s almost always a bargain. Here are some favorites that blend adult-size sophistication with kid-size fun.

Multicolored RugPlastic MugsWoven Baskets
Multicolored Rug | Cabin Decor IdeasPlastic Kids MugsColored Woven Baskets

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