Clare MartinAssociate Editor Clare Martin, Log Home Living’s resident decor diva, gives you the skinny on some great deals she discovered this month.

Hung Up
The problem: blank walls. The solution? Art is usually the go-to, but I prefer these out-of-the-ordinary decorative items instead. Bonus: They’ll cost you a whole lot less than that original Picasso.

Arhaus Wall VasesLet’s Vase It
Fresh flowers on your dining table might look nice, but if you actually want to talk to the person sitting across from you…well, they’re not so great. Instead, pop your just-cut blooms into Arhaus’ square hanging wall vase. You’ll get the same effect without bringing dinner conversation to a halt. $24. Call 866-427-4287, or visit

Rack Oh DeerYes, Deer
Is there anything more utilitarian in your home than the hooks that hold your family’s coats in the mudroom? Didn’t think so. Style usually takes a backseat in this functional area, but it doesn’t have to. Tack up Lekker Home’s solid aluminum Rack Oh Deer instead, and you’ll crack a smile every time you walk in the back door. $35. Call 877-753-5537, or visit

Roof Tile Sconce

Raise the Roof
There seem to be as many ways to display votive candles as there are candle scents. So, why did Wisteria’s antique roof tile sconce catch my eye? Not only does its rough, unfinished appearance lend it perfectly to log-home decor, but it also has a great story behind it: The tiles were produced in the 1860s in the Pyrenees, where female tile-makers shaped them by draping the clay over their thighs. $34. Call 800-320-9757, or visit

–Clare Martin

Read the original story in the May 2007 issue of Log Home Living