Honest Abe log home survives tornado

Structure moves 12 feet but keeps the family safe inside.

Georgia lottery winner chooses Southland

An ironworker goes from mobile home to dream log home.

Old Timer Log Homes offers helping hand

Home producer is working in Gulf Coast area to aid still-struggling hurricane victims.

Spirit Cabin stars in Toyota Tundra commercial

The truck that's changing it all hauls a whole-log, modular cabin to the lake.

Log Home News: Maple Island Handcrafted Log Homes Unveils New, Interactive Website

Michigan-based Maple Island Log Homes unveils a new interactive website.

Log Home News: Award-Winning Green Community Invites Home Buyers to Join in Conservation

Log homes along the Blue Ridge Parkway are in demand.

Log Home News: Pine Beetle “Kill” Trees Have New Purpose

Local log business using beetle-kill pine trees looked at as model for state.

Log Home News: Innovative Kitchen Product Unveiled 12/13/2007

Heartland Appliances brings high style and professional cooking power to the luxury consumer market with the launch of the Paragon range.

Log Home News: AmerLink’s New Green Iniative (November 2007)

AmerLink launches Green Outlook Program and partners with environmental charity to raise awareness for the importance of reforestation.

Log Home news: Lincoln’s Log Cabin Legacy Inspires Kentuckians 11/22/2007

The memorial may not be the real thing, but it still inspires Kentuckians.